Sixth Avenue Signs is a small shop (for now) with big aspirations of connecting family and sharing joy.

I grew up in a home where we had old, fun signs in the nooks and crannies. As my own family grew, I wanted to create signs w/words of encouragement–I started with old wood from my kids’ broken swing set. Soon friends and family wanted signs. I saw my signs creating joy in others…Sixth Avenue Signs was born. I want my work to be lasting & loved, passed down from generation to generation making others happy too. I hand paint wood signs to combine old time feel w/words for today.

Some people you might meet behind the scenes here…

Tara Six is most likely a born lyricist with 86% of all music lyrics she hears stuck in her brain (playing all at once). With so many good words floating around and no where to go, she enjoys staying up late at night and painting phrases onto pieces of wood lying around to share with others. When she’s not sanding, painting, or hiking, you can find her reading with the 5 kids that follow her around and trying to date her husband too. She’s most happy when she creates something that brings someone joy. If she could pick a theme song for her life it would be “You are My Sunshine,” and maybe a close second “Living La Vida Loca”.

Aaron is the mastermind behind the “tech stuff” (which is technical speak for ‘his woman is amazed by all he pulls out of his techie brain’). When he’s not working technical miracles to turn her hair-brain ideas into reality, you can find Aaron reading the news, cooking, and “hammocking” with a camera. Aaron also loves getting his girlfriend out on a “couch date” in front of a good series and tub of ice cream once the kids are asleep. If he could pick a theme song for his life, it would be “You and Me” by the Dave Matthews Band